Danny Ori

My name is Danny Ori and I’m a digital marketing professional and a technology enthusiast with a BS in Marketing and International Business from the University of Dayton. My areas of expertise are digital marketing and direct ecommerce in B2C, specifically performance marketing, with a focus on customer acquisition and growth. In my current role, I lead digital marketing and am responsible for paid search, paid social, affiliate, programmatic display and video, OTT, linear, CTV and SEO. I also have strong experience in mobile, B2B and branding.  Additionally, I have a hybrid IT background, which comes from many projects that I’ve managed, as well as hands on learning outside of work, such as this website. Please visit LinkedIn for more information on my background, as this site is seldom updated.

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On the side, I’m very interested in marketing, technology, industry trends, social media, cars and many other odds and ends. My objective is to be at the intersection of marketing and technology, where I believe the consumer gets the most value. Whether it’s Apple, Google, Snapchat or anything tech-related, I am interested in learning about it and how marketing can be leveraged to benefit the consumer. I have experience building Joomla! and WordPress websites. One site I created and managed ranked within the top 15,000 websites in the U.S. by Quantcast purely from organic SEO.

My biggest accomplishment has been creating Mix Tank, a revolutionary iPhone and Android app for the agricultural industry that was named AgProfessional magazine’s 2011 Top Product of the Year, a company first (click here for article). The results have been incredible; we received more PR and awareness than any other marketing campaign in the company’s history. The reason is simple: Mix Tank creates value by helping prevent problems before they start, saving the applicator money, time labor and resources all in a single source location. In March 2012, we launched Mix Tank 2.0, bringing the app to the Android platform with significant enhancements, including spray logs with location, alerts and weather integration. Mix Tank 2.0 is a complete spray management tool that fits in the palm of your hand. We have also developed white label versions of Mix Tank for a few customers.  The last version of Mix Tank Tank that I worked on was version 3.0, which launched in October of 2013.  It was updated with a complete redesign to match iOS 7, while bringing major new features for consumers.

Noggin’s Edge was a side project of mine to learn more about modern content management systems. The more I learn and understand IT, the better I’m able to work closely with developers to best detail project parameters. I’ll mostly be talking about marketing and technology, while Other Musings will cover my hobbies, anything I find interesting and possibly poor attempts at humor.

This site is a work in progress. Content will remain limited initially as I work on the backend of the site. Please share any feedback and thanks for visiting!

djo [at] nogginsedge.com

Danny Ori